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This is just a place for me to rant about politics, society, technology, or whatever else strikes a nerve.
Don't try this at home.

I’ve hated blogs since before the term was coined. I’ve always wondered who had the time to read the ramblings of other people. The whole “counter-culture” makes me sick. Recently, however, blogs have been instrumental in breaking stories and keeping the pressure on scandals that would normally be swept under the carpet.

Now I have absolutely no intention of doing any of that here, but I’ve gained a tiny bit of respect for people with too much free time on their hands. The large amount of people, as well as a small number of organizations, that actually read bills and laws that are being passed by a Congress that won’t.

I don’t plan on doing that either; I only wish I had that kind of time. So why did I finally cave and start a blog? Well I used to post the occasional rant on a friend’s site, which is now defunct. Since that site has gone under, I’ve been building up a lot of rants in my head and need an outlet to get them on “paper,” so to speak. To flesh out my ideas and opinions and share them with others without repeating myself.

That’s all there is to it, and you should expect nothing more. Let the good times begin…

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